About Paws and Planet

We love Animals. We love the Planet. We love People. 

No, we are not a dog store (although our Founder just happens to have 2 Miniature Dachshunds who are the loves of her life). The “paws” we refer to in “Paws & Planet” are the precious paws of rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and all the other animals who are heartbreakingly subjected to animal testing. NO precious paws have been harmed in any of the products you’ll find on our website. 

That is a non negotiable when sourcing suppliers. 

Our website is also 100% Vegan Friendly. So that means no frustration for Vegans who are about to reach the checkout and then notice a word like “beeswax” on their chosen product. Some of our suppliers may produce items that are also suitable for vegetarians - however, we will only ever stock their Vegan variants and as above - cruelty free is a non negotiable.

We try our best to source products where the packaging is plastic free, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. We may have some plastic packaging throughout the site but we set out rules for this - it has to be recyclable, or it has to be Post Consumer Recycled plastic (PCR). Single Use plastic is off limits.

So that’s us summed up. An animal-loving, planet-loving, people-loving team who hope very much that you find amazing products on the site. If you leave our site feeling a little happier then we've done our job.

Kind to People, Paws & Planet