About Paws and Planet

I remember looking around my dressing table at multiple plastic makeup bottles and palettes and tubes and wondering when I had collected so many.  

Our bathroom cabinet was not much better; toxin-filled plastic bottles of shower gel, shaving soaps, face washes etc.  We always had plastic bottles of water in our fridge, despite having clear Scottish drinking water from the tap in our home.

There was just too much....stuff.. around us.  

I made it my goal to use, recycle, donate a lot and only buy minimal-waste products when we needed them.   

Paws & Planet will only ever stock products that are Vegan from Brands who are Cruelty-Free and use as minimal waste as possible.

However, we do believe that people make changes by where they spend their pennies, so we never discourage anyone from buying vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products from Brands who are not quite there yet.  

Of course we want everyone to be Kind to Paws and Kind to the Planet but it's not about a handful of perfect, zero waste vegans (although we love these guys and look to them for inspiration) it's about millions of people making small changes.  That's how we'll get there dudes.

Remember - don't buy it if you don't need it.  But when you do need to replace it, or if you're buying a gift or if you do want to treat yourself (you matter, remember), please try to consider making your purchase vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Because we don’t think people, animals or the planet should suffer for the “stuff” we buy.

Thank you, Heather xxx

Kind to People, Paws & Planet