Heavenly Organics - Camomile Eye & Face Cream

This soothing moisturiser made from 100% organic ingredients is gentle enough for around the eyes and is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores).  A few drops of Camomile Essential Oil has been added.  Camomile is a natural antiseptic, it is antibacterial and has antibiotic properties which can help to fight infection.  It can also calm skin irritations, scarring, rosacea, acne, spots and blemishes.

Ingredients include:

Shea Butter - contains naturally occurring vitamins A, E and F.  Traditionally an African treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn, blemishes and insect burns and stings.  Shea butter won't just protect the skin's barrier - it will penetrate into the layers of the skin to heal from within.

Jojoba Oil - rich in antioxidants and high anti-bacterial properties and fights skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.  Also rich in Vitamins A and E with Omega-6 fatty acids - essential components of the skin's barrier.

Sunflower Seed Oil - Antioxidant rich, helps to neutralise free radicals which can damage our skin cells.  Anti-inflammatory.  The Vitamin E that is abundant in Sunflower Seed Oil helps protect the collagen and elastin in the skin, therefore it can be anti-ageing.


About Heavenly Organics


Heavenly Organics Skin Care founder, Mary-Anne created the business after she embraced an organic, vegan lifestyle and desperately struggled to find skincare that met both her ethical & skin’s requirements. Finding that so many products were laden with unnecessary and unpronounceable chemicals, Mary-Anne decided to make her own, just using a few, simple organic and natural ingredients. Friends began to use her skincare and the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that a new enterprise began. Fast forward to 2020 and still true to its founding beliefs, there are now over 100 products.



Ethics are at the core of what we do. It’s not only using organic, natural and vegan products that is imperative to us but there’s the bigger picture to consider too.  Now so more than ever.  With the plastic free and zero waste revolution firmly underway, we’re proud to have been pioneering the way from the start.  Not only do we use glass and aluminium containers, we also offer refills in compostable bags.  Furthermore, how your products are packaged when they arrive on your doorstep matters to us.  That is why we use recycled cardboard boxes, recycled card wrapping & paper tape.  We even pad out our boxes with reused newspaper.  Our trade orders are even despatched in cardboard boxes saved for us by our local shop.

There’s always more we can do and we’re continually striving to improve and tread more gently on this beautiful planet."