Jungle Culture - Coconut Bowl, Spoon and Bamboo Straw Set, Classic Pattern

These Boho Coconut Bowls originate from the Ben Tre region in South Vietnam - the farmers here make a modest income from selling the by-products pf coconuts - milk and oils.  The shells would then be discarded and burnt so there was more room for new crops.  When you buy from Jungle Culture, you help to provide these farmers with a secondary income and prevent more coconuts and trees being needlessly burned.

Each handmade bowl is unique so size and shape may vary - although this absolutely adds to their charm!  They're perfect for making your vegan smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls and much more!

Set Includes:

2 x Boho Geometric Coconut Bowls

2 x Hand Carved Ebony Spoons

1 x Bamboo Straw by Jungle Straws®

1 x Hessian Bamboo Straw Pouch by Jungle Straws®

1 x Coconut Fibre Straw Cleaning Brush