Plastic Phobia - Bamboo Cutlery, Knife

Bamboo Knife made with Organic Bamboo (no herbicides or pesticides)  Wash with soap and water and reuse. Don't leave soaked in water for long periods of time and do not place in the dishwasher!  Ditch the plastic cutlery.  

Each piece of cutlery is between roughly 19.5cm and 20 cm in length.

About Plastic Phobia

"Plastic Phobia distribute zero waste products as an alternative to plastic. We want to tackle the staggering amount of waste created every day on this planet.

Our founder Tom started Plastic Phobia while at university to do something about problems the planet faces. Sustainable buying is achievable and we want to make it convenient. We send out orders in zero waste packaging and a tree is planted per order.

The actual products are designed to be re-usable or to break down easily. It’s lots of small easy changes that add up and reduce our footprint on this planet."