Shlurple Wheat Straw Lunch Box - Green

These lil’ beauties are again made of Shlurple's gorgeous wheat composite and come complete with Fork + Spoon neatly stored within it’s own lid!

The Chowie lunchbox is the perfect transportation device for those sustainable lunch time treats every day of the week. And, thanks to the fixed separators you can keep your salad dry and your cucumbers moist.

These puppies are microwave/freezer safe and vacuum sealed, so, spillage won’t be an issue.

Do zero-waste the proper way… BUY A SHLURPLE, SAVE A TURTLE.



Our Story

In 2018, Shlurple was born from an ingrained love of the sea… watching a turtle cry in pain as a single-use plastic straw was removed from its nostril was the catalyst for us to want to make a change.

Shlurple’s mission has always been to provide alternatives to single-use plastic. So, guided by our love for turtles and life as a whole, we have created a range of products that not only reduce unnecessary waste but provide a platform to discuss the cleaning up of our act and our oceans.

We will continue to grow our following and provide alternatives until we solve our current plastic pollution problem.

We hope you join us on our journey and remember… BUY A SHLURPLE, SAVE A TURTLE.