Vesta Living - Reusable Baby Wipes Llama, 6 pack

Reusable, eco-friendly Baby Wipes.  100% soft cotton flannel, 1 ply single sheet.   Each wipe is 18" x 18"  Pack of 6.

Replaces single-use baby wipes and paper napkins.  Soak in your chosen liquid solution or liquid spray.

Machine washable, warm with similar colours.  Expect some shrinkage.


About Vesta Living

Vesta Living was founded by Bryony in 2018 in response to the increasing pressure on single use products on our environment.

Vesta produces reusable cotton wipes for the body and the home, with the intention of replacing single use disposable wipes that do not degrade and clog our sewer systems causing millions of pounds worth of damage each year. Not to mention those ingested by sea creatures such as turtles, who mistake wipes that find their way into our oceans for jelly fish.  They clog their systems and cause starvation.

There is increasing pressure to reduce our human impact on this earth, but this can feel overwhelming to the individual. 

Bryony stumbled upon the concept of replacing everyday items with eco-friendly, plastic free, zero waste alternatives. Plastic toothbrushes to wooden tooth brushes, plastic bags to reusable bags, simply taking a travel cup out and about with her and disposable wipes to reusable cotton wipes.  Bryony found quickly that there weren’t many UK companies offering these types of products and set about making her own.

Vesta Living ethically produces reusable cotton facial wipes, baby wipes and cleaning wipes. They are made with 100% cotton fabric and can be easily used and then washed in the machine.  They can be used with various home-made or shop bought cleansers to provide the exact same cleansing experience as disposables.

Bryony hopes that Vesta Living will help to show consumers that they can easily make small changes that make a BIG impact on our environment.

Vesta has won various social enterprise grants which are providing the means to set up production in the UK employing survivors of abuse.  The working environment will provide a safe space to work, gain experience and references, and build confidence for those who have been out of work for a long period of time.  Which will then allow them to take steps into the wider working environment, or stay on with Vesta Living and develop their skills.